Praise for Sharon Eshmade

“Sharon is a very special person and a highly skilled, deeply intuitive, knowledgeable educator. She sees the best in her clients and consequently they begin to see themselves differently. Sharon was a huge part of our son’s success at school and subsequent success at university. He still speaks fondly of the help and support Sharon gave him during some extremely challenging times at school. We will always be very grateful to her and are delighted to recommend Sharon to any family or individual seeking her guidance.”

“Your genuine love and care for these children burns out of you and is wonderful to behold.”

“Your willingness to take on whatever is asked, without a groan, grumble of raised eyebrow is commendable. A more reliable or flexible teacher must surely be impossible to find.”

“I’m feeling better now thank you so much for always helping me. I feel like you are the only person that can really get through to me or understand and I appreciate it so much.”

Praise for Crash Test Mummy

“I loved it. Sharon has such a way with words and the whole car analogy is brilliant (even for someone who doesn’t like cars!). I’ve learned a lot.”

“This book was a lifesaver for my parenting journey! If you’re like me, you may have struggled to find the right balance in parenting, never wanting to be too strict or too passive, or trying out different styles of parenting, from attachment to free range and a lot of things in between, while never feeling that any one method totally gets it right.”

“This book was so helpful and completely transformed my parenting and my own relationship with my kids and with myself. I highly recommend it for parents of ANY age kids, as well as prospective parents! 5 very enthusiastic stars.”

“The author gives many detailed explanations and exercises to help parents stay calm, communicate better, and really become more effective and present parents. I think this book could really help anyone in many aspects of their lives, not just parents.”

“This book was packed with great information! I wish I had access to this book when my kids were younger. I am most definitely passing the book along to my children so they can be better prepared.”

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