Sharon Eshmade

Sharon is a writer, coach, and counsellor, working with clients to increase their communication and proactive strategies to cope better. Whether that means encouraging cooperation with their kids or helping them as they’re struggling with anxiety, bereavement and other mental health challenges.

Sharon initially trained to be a primary school teacher in South Africa before completing her postgraduate diploma in dyslexia and literacy in the UK. Soon after marrying, she and her husband moved to the United Arab Emirates, where they still live today with their two preteen sons.

Following her successful twenty-year career in special needs teaching, working with vulnerable children and adults, including working with her own challenging children and being one herself; in late 2019 Sharon felt as if something was amiss. Her older son’s behaviour had always been challenging but, she believed, that by strictly enforcing behaviour modification techniques to control his conduct, he would find his teenage years easier. As the opposite began to quickly unfold, Sharon was inspired by her son to question her traditional parenting style and make significant and positive changes.

Sharon went outside of her comfort zone and realized that we don’t have to be so extreme in our parenting views or follow any one way to raise our children confidently. She sat in the centre of all the different parenting styles, tested their validity, and listened to her gut to determine that what worked was a balanced, communication-based approach to raising her children.

Sharon has a unique perspective to connect and challenge individual perceptions with humour and insight. She welcomes your contact and enjoys connecting with her readers. Get in touch with Sharon now.

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