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A guide to successful communication-based parenting from a mum, therapist and parent coach who has tried it all!

Children don’t come with an instruction manual. Thankfully, you can buy this one!

Lacking confidence as a parent? Unsure and questioning your parenting approach, but not knowing where to start? I’m Sharon Eshmade and I can relate, as someone who has been there, done that, and written this book.

Parents deserve a shortcut, and this book achieves just that. Luckily, you don’t have to drive around in circles, hit the constant potholes or meet the same dead ends that I did. Fasttrack and upgrade your parenting now. You can be a safe and confident driver, with a roadworthy vehicle and happy passengers too.

After 20 years in special needs teaching, I wondered why my traditional parenting style hadn’t delivered me perfect parenting status or stopped my kids from lying, defying, manipulating, and kicking me in the shin when they didn’t get their way. I then questioned whether a U-turn on my outdated parenting methods was needed.

This book details my journey, testing the best and worst parenting approaches, which transformed my life to become a talk therapist and parenting coach. Unexpectedly, I also developed acceptance and kindness of myself to become a more positive and compassionate person.

My individually tailored communication-based parenting approach installs empathy and connection as your kids develop into independent adults. If you’re exasperated with your boisterous children, or you just want to strengthen your relationship with them, you’ll find answers in this book. I have done the testing, so throw out the old roadmap and get straight on the highway of confident parenting. 

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